HOw to become RN in usa

Different States have different requirements to get the license. So, first of all please, visit the Nursing Board website where you want to get the license.e.g NY State board of nursing if you want to work in NY. You can visit this website:

 Most of the states require English score for Foreign Nurses to get the License.e.g Virginia, Texas, Maryland etc. Please, call and ask the Nursing Board their requirement.  For Nurses who want License from California you don’t have to do anything from CGFNS, you apply directly to California Board of Nursing. They require more Psychiatric hour (5 credit class with clinical), and you have to get the letter from the CA board of Nursing to get the admission for the class. In the Nursing board website look for Registered nurse applications and it will give you information exactly what to do for the International nurse (Those nurses who studied in Nepal). CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools), please visit the website:WWW.CGFNS.ORG for more details. In almost all the states, International nurses have to do the Verification Process from CGFNS(Verify your education and license).Different states have different requirements. Please visit: This site will tell you which state need what requirement from CGFNS.e.g NY state needs Credential Evaluation Service of NY; other state might only need CES from CGFNS. CGFNS also have the site in the website which will give you information what are the steps to follow when you apply to the CGFNS, did you apply for the right service. Read this site carefully. You can apply to the CGFNS services online or in the paper form. Once you send the application it takes at least 6-12 weeks to process and CGFNS will send your documents in the Nursing School in Nepal and also in Nepal Nursing Council. Most, of the struggle is reaching the document in Nepal. Make sure your Date of Birth and Graduation Date from the Nursing College is accurate. Its good idea to give a call to your Nursing College and ask for the accurate dates, so there won’t be a discrepancy in the graduation date. You could request your Nursing College and Nepal Nursing Council from Nepal to FedEx the documents so, it will reach in time in USA.Otherwise, it takes forever.  Once CGFNS verified your documents, it will issue the report to the respective board of nursing and then you can apply for NCLEX exam in your respective state board of nursing. Some State Board of Nursing does the process in a Month others take few months. Once the State Board approves you for NCLEX, then you have to apply for PEARSON VUE for NCLEX exam. Site is:  They will give you the ATT for 3 months and within 3 months you have to give the exam. You can prepare for the NCLEX exam yourselves but most of us have found Kaplan very helpful. The site for KAPLAN is: 

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