• Help for Everesteer NANA is deeply saddened by the tragic event of April 18,2014 when an avalanche swept through Mount Everest in Nepal.

  • Nursing Seminar "Nursing Seminar and Earthquake Relief Effort updates" June 27th Saturday 11-4 pm at PS 069, 77-02 37th avenue Jackson Heights, Queens. Please make yo...

  • Competition. Nana is organising different events including fashion shows too.


Welcome to Nepalese American Nurses Association (NANA)

Nepalese American Nurses Association (NANA), is a national umbrella professional association for Nepalese origin Registered Nurses and Nursing Students in America.The organization's primary goal is to unite all Nepalese Nurses and Nursing Students of Nepalese Origin and Heritage as a professional body under one umbrella at national level.NANA purpose is to help nurses in Nepal and America for Credentials Evaluation Service,Licensing in different States and finding respective jobs. NANA will also serve the Nepalese communities in United States through different health related awareness programs. NANA another goal is to also help Nurse in Nepal as well as the people in Nepal through different educational projects and health related programs.The organization will be the official voice for Nepalese Nurses in America and around the world for 


  • Promote activities to unify Nepalese nurse and nursing students in USA and Nepal.

  • Provide training and education to the nurses and community members by planning and implementing programs that benefits Nepalese American Community for health related awareness.

  • Share professional experience that includes interstate licensing across the United States, credential evaluation process and career information.

  • Create a bridge for nursing organizations to other professional organizations to develop mutual understanding, cooperation and to meet common goal of these professional organizations.

  • Encourage Nepalese Nurses to participate in local community activities and to become productive members in their communities.

  • Make charitable contributions to help professional community, the people of Nepal and around the world during natural disaster and humanitarian emergencies.